Messianic Assemblies

We assemble for all of Yahweh’s appointed times (Leviticus. 23:1-44; Numbers 10:10), the most frequent being the weekly Shabbat (Sabbath), Saturdays, sharing meals, worshiping in song, dance, praise, reading and studying Yahweh’s (God) Word. We do not have any particular person who is “head” over us, other than Yeshua (Jesus) Messiah and His Father, the Elohim (Mighty One) of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Accordingly, our meetings are open to everyone participating in the reading, study, and midrash (discussion amongst one another) of Yahweh’s Word.

Please come and celebrate with Shear Isreal, your Messianic Assembly serving Austin, Texas, Round Rock, Georgetown, Cedar Park, Leander, and extending to Copperas Cove.

All wishing to walk in Yahweh’s (God) covenant are welcome to attend and grow with us in the eternal learning curve to know El Elyon (God of gods), Yahweh.

Contact Larry Parks via the contact form for information.